Unreal Engine Architectural Masterclass

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Unreal Engine Architectural Masterclass

Yahiya Jasem / VR Division
57 ratings

This Masterclass is for Archviz Artists & CG Architects that will teach you Unreal Engine in Real-Time Architectural Visualization

This Masterclass will teach you….

The step-by-step full project workflow in Unreal Engine and 3D Design including:

  1. Preparing your CAD Data and reference.

  2. 3D Modeling

  3. Best practices in preparing your projects for Real-Time 3D.

  4. Everything you will ever need to know on Lighting

  5. Materials & PBR workflows.

  6. Blueprints and Interactivity.

  7. Landscape & Foliage tools.

  8. How to create jaw-dropping cinematics with the Sequencer & Adobe Premiere.

Example of cinematics:

Additionally, you will get...
- Full support on our Discord community and a VIP tag. 🌟

More tutorials available (now and upcoming) on www.vrdivisionacademy.com 

  • Exterior projects in Unreal Engine

  • How to build your library with Quixel Bridge and Connecter

  • How to use Quixel Mixer for asset textures

  • Working with GIS data

  • Basic interior design and mood-boards

  • How to optimize and improve project performance

  • How to deploy your project for VR

  • Folder Structure and Tasks for teams

Required Experience level:
Basics of 3DS Max, Blender, C4D, or any other 3D software are beneficial but not mandatory. (entry-level)

About VR Division Academy 

We are an early Startup company building a global Academy for the Unreal Engine & Realtime Industry. We are passionate about teaching people to achieve their dreams and helping creatives learn about the incredible possibilities of Unreal Engine.

  • VR Division Academy was founded by Yahiya Jasem.

  • Our mission: Teach 1 million Professionals Unreal Engine and to be more productive and successful

  • Our vision: Drive the Unreal Engine industry and create economic opportunity and happiness for every member of its workforce.

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I am stuck, there's something I didn't understand. Can you help me?

Sure! Join us on discord and write to us about your problems. Let us make them unreal!

What will be included in the project files?

- All source 3d assets we are going to create for this Masterclass. This includes all furniture and architectural plans... etc.

- Unreal Engine projects with their blueprints.

- Mood-boards

- Examples of folder structures

- Homework files

How do I schedule my Live Webinars?

After your purchase is complete you will receive an email from us with instructions on how and where to sign up.

You will get access to our Academy at www.vrdivisionacademy.com, you will get the option to signup through the academy.

How do I schedule my Personal Coaching Session?

After your purchase is complete you will receive an email from us with a Calendly link which will allow you to schedule your personal coaching session.

Where do I get my Discount Codes?

We will automate this asap, but if you do not receive your discount code through e-mail or the academy after your purchase, just reach out to us on Discord or through


If you encounter any problems please e-mail info@vr-division.com
However, keep in mind it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond.

Promise & Disclaimer

At VR Division Academy we promise to always make our best effort to bring you up-to-date content and to improve our content continuously.

There will always be more topics to cover and more tutorials to make for our participants. Therefore we hold the right to change and replace any and all content as part of our products and services at all times.

Our members and/or customers of our services hold no claim over the exact content of our products as they are subject to improvement and change at all times. We however encourage feedback and requests as to the content and nature and experience of our products and services so we may continue to improve upon them.

Finally, we accept that not everybody will be satisfied with our services or products. 
We, therefore, offer a 100% money-back guarantee to anyone that is not happy with the product.

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If you buy our Masterclass you get:

New Weekly Content
Complete Interior Video Tutorials
Complete Exterior Video Tutorials
Completed Interior Project
Completed Exterior Project
3D archviz assets (+30)
Discord VIP Support and Access
To make tutorial Requests
Live Webinar(s) [Premium & Premium+ only]


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